WCBN Studio How To:
1. Send a Required Weekly EAS Test (RWT)
2. Put Prod A On the Air
3. Put Prod B On the Air
4. Play Remote Stream
5. Send Remote Stream to Studio from Remote Location
6. Use Serato

1. How To Send a Required Weekly EAS Test:
- On Sage Endac (Blue box in Left Side Rack):
- Press WEEK Soft Button under Display.
- Enter Password 1111.
- When Ready to send Test, Press RWT soft button under display.
- The Test lasts about 20 seconds, it's just that easy...
2. How To Send Prod A Out On the Air:
- In Prod A:
- Adjust level.
- In FM:
- On far left fader channel Select Prod A as input (yellow button near top).
- Adjust Fader level.

3. How To Send Prod B Out On the Air:
- In Prod B:
- Adjust levels.
- In FM:
- On CD4/Prod B fader channel Select Prod B as input (yellow button near top).
- Adjust Fader level.

4. How To Play Remote Stream in FM Studio:
- Run VLC (traffic cone)
- [File], [Open Network…].
- Copy this URL into VLC: rtsp://streaming.wcbn.org/wcbn-http.sdp
- [Open].
5. How To Send a Stream to FM Studio from Remote Location:
- Run QuickTime Broadcaster
- Check Settings
- Click (Broadcast)

Quicktime Broadcaster Settings:
- [Network]:
- Transmission: Automatic Unicast
- Host Name: streaming.wcbn.org
- File: wcbn-http
- Username: qtbroadcaster
- Password: wcbnr0cks (with a zero)
- [x] Broadcast over TCP
- [Audio]:
- [x] Enable Audio Stream
- Source: Built-In Input - Line In
- Compressor: MPEQ-4 Audio
- Rate: 48.000
- Size: (x) 16 bit Use: (x) Stereo
- [Options]:
- Compressor: AAC(Low Complexity)
- Target Output: Specified Bit Rate
- Bit Rate: 128 kbits/second
- Output Sample Rate: 48kHz
- Encoder Quality: Best

6. How To Use Serato:
- Run Serato On the FM Mac.
- Select Serato as input for TT1 and TT2 Fader Channels on main board (Yellow buttons on top).
- Select a tune for Serato Deck 1 or 2 (Drag from finder to Serato lefthand or righthand Deck).
- Select [INT] to play directly from Serato Deck, then click the [>] button to play.
- OR Select [REL] to use the encoder disk on the TTs, drop the needle on the disk, then start and stop using the TT controls.
- The Serato Decks can be cued or played on air using the fader controls, just like the TTs.